HOPERMAN is a powerful hospitality analytics solution designed to help hoteliers make better and faster informed decisions.

Nowadays, information runs fast and business decisions need to be made faster. This inevitability increases risk. With these problems in mind, HOPERMAN was created as a powerful solution paving the way to change the course of hospitality management, helping to understand the past and foreseeing the future, thus allowing for improved strategic, tactical and operational decisions.

Through descriptive and predictive business analytics models, HOPERMAN allows hoteliers to setup and oversee specific hospitality key performance indicators (KPIs), monitoring the overall business performance and getting all the information they need to steer their business. This way, strategic decisions are backed by well-informed management decisions, based on reliable, real-time, relevant data.

Supporting multiple data sources, such as the Property Management System (PMS), the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), the Point Of Sale (POS), Social Media, weather, among others, HOPERMAN delivers a full performance analysis, translated into intuitive and easy to understand dashboards, scorecards and tables, that enable a game-changing competitive intelligence vision, as operations, tactics and strategies get clearer, either for revenue management, social reputation, human resources or any other field.

But there’s more: the magic gets real as HOPERMAN reads the hotel’s future, taking full advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to do so. By unlocking the full potential of historic data, HOPERMAN can, for instance, anticipate booking cancellations or even revenue potential, with high speed and accuracy, completely changing the landscape of the hospitality industry.


Using a tool like HOPERMAN is a lot like cheating in a game. Except that it’s not. It’s more about being smarter and more conscious about the potential of the data that’s being created and what’s being done with it. In the end, it’s a beautiful circular model that allows finding an improved way to manage resources and grow, evolve, improve. Here are just a few benefits and advantages of using HOPERMAN in a hotel:

  • High-quality information enables wiser control over every side of the business and a far better optimization of resources;
  • Providing more confidence in the decision-making process, it allows otherwise risky (or bold) strategic, tactical or operational moves to be made, yet this time relying in concrete, real-time data;
  • With dashboards easy to access and read, providing the insights needed, visually, with hospitality specific KPIs;
  • As a scalable solution, the possible evolution according to the connected systems is massive, allowing hotels to access all types of analysis and perspectives over each management decision;
  • Leaving number crunching to numbers, hoteliers and staff can focus their time and energy on guests, the real core of the hospitality business, building relationships, improving experiences, connecting and caring, as all guests appreciate.


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HOPERMAN is the brainchild of ParallelWisdom, a small start-up born out of a wish: to create value from data and meet the needs of the hospitality industry with the best tools technology can offer.

Founded by two long time technology professionals, with over 20 years in developing management software for the hospitality industry, ParallelWisdom comes as the natural response to solving the industry’s next generation challenges. With their rich experience – solo and together – Nuno and Carlos believe they can help hoteliers make wiser, more assertive and profitable decisions, that bring hospitality back to its roots: to better serve both guests and hoteliers.

Prior to ParallelWisdom, Nuno and Carlos founded ITBase / WareGuest, a software house responsible for the development of several management solutions not only for hospitality but also for food & beverage and retail.


Co-Founder & CEO
[email protected]

Carlos Soares has been taking the Chief Executive Officer chair of ITBase / WareGuest for over 8 years. With an academic background in IT Management and Engineering, he’s also a Certified Project Manager and Scrum Master. His extensive experience in strategic IT consulting for the past 15 years, that includes large accounts and projects for renowned retail customers, allows him an ease in coordinating requirements for solutions with whatever means are necessary, but particularly with R&D teams.

As a cybersecurity enthusiast, Carlos also invests a lot of his efforts in its implications for hospitality, striving to educate the market and provide it with the knowledge and solutions that protect both the customer and ourselves from cybercrime and private data exploitation.


Co-Founder & CTO
[email protected]

Nuno has devoted more than 20 years of his life to staying at the forefront of Technology. As Chief Technology Officer for ITBase / WareGuest, he has been responsible for designing all the company’s products, managing the software development team as its Scrum Master. He has also lead several implementation projects of IT solutions in hotel groups and renowned retail customers. Alongside, he works as IT consultant for hospitality and retail, and teaches at Universidade do Algarve.

Gathering a deep understanding of the hospitality industry along with a wide knowledge and domain of IT tools, processes and methodologies, he’s been focusing his attention on data science, currently taking his PhD in Science and Information Technologies which led to the creation of the HOPERMAN prototype.