Press Release

Meet HOPERMAN – the quantum leap for Hospitality Management

Nowadays, information runs fast and business decisions need to be made almost as faster. This necessity increases risks. With these problems in mind, Parallel Wisdom created HOPERMAN, a powerful solution paving the way to change the course of Hospitality Management, helping to understand the past and foreseeing the future, thus allowing for improved tactical and strategic decisions.

Through descriptive and predictive business analytics models, HOPERMAN allows hoteliers to setup and oversee specific hospitality key performance indicators, monitoring the overall business performance and getting all the information they need to steer their business. This way, to achieve strategic goals turns into a much easier reality, backed by well-informed management decisions, based on reliable real-time relevant data.

HOPERMAN supports multiple data sources, such as the PMS, ERP, CRM, POS, Social Media, weather, among others, delivering a full performance analysis. This is translated into intuitive and easy to understand dashboards, scorecards and tables, that enable a game-changing competitive intelligence vision, as operations and strategies get clearer, either for Revenue Management, Social Reputation, Human Resources or any other field.

Finally, the magic gets real as HOPERMAN reads the hotel’s future, taking full advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. By unlocking the full potential of its historic data, HOPERMAN can anticipate booking cancellations, for instance, or even revenue potential, with high speed and accuracy.

As the brainchild of two geeks with over 20 years of experience and passion for Hospitality, HOPERMAN wants to change the future of management in the Hospitality industry. Through their long journey, Nuno António and Carlos Soares developed several management applications for Hospitality, noticing a gap in how its future was being shaped. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning came as the answer to breech that gap, and HOPERMAN was envisioned, its purpose being to bring to Hospitality the best technology should offer.

By exhibiting at WebSummit, Parallel Wisdom hopes to connect with likeminded investors, that share the same vision and look for strong partnerships, capable of taking HOPERMAN from prototype to product and fulfil its purpose. After all, Hospitality shouldn’t be focused on numbers but on what it is supposed to do best: take good care of guests.

For more information, please contact:
Carlos Soares – [email protected] / +351 219 349 420